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Intimate male enhancement

Nowadays, worldwide trend shows that men take the same or even better care of their bodies than women. Dr. Mühlberger knows that, and that's why he has opened a new place for them.

The obsessive concern over the size, lead young men to consult with an specialist and leave sports because of the fear of been seen or compared in locker rooms.

Around half of the male population expresses their desire to have bigger penis.


We have 2 types of treatments to thicken and lengthen the penis, as well as improve sexual potency.

Penis sculpturing

Regenerative method with autologous stem cells
(Pier Fournier - Francia)

Both procedures are totally outpatient, just like going to the dentist.


“My penis is too small. That's why I haven’t be able to have sexual intercourse."

"I feel ashamed being naked in front of woman and other men."

"Go to the bathroom has become a torment, to the point that if there isn’t and individual stall, where I can close the door, I can’t pee."

When pleasure is also
a matter of size

Radio interview to Dr. Rubén Mühlberger where he told us about the procedure to lengthen the penis.

Listen to the record of Coco Sily’s radial show. (Audio in Spanish).


Dr. Rubén Mühlberger

Dr RM is a renowned surgeon with a vast national and international trajectory, he specialize in anti-aging and aesthetic medicine.

He is the chief director of the Mühlberger Clinic, named after him, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina; and the ex-chief of the center of cosmetic and anti-aging medicine located in Madrid, Spain. Dr. Mühlberger has been trained in the best aesthetical and anti-aging medical centers, and belongs to different international societies who indorse his practices. He has brought expertise in genomic therapy, biocellular and biomolecular treatments, from France, Belgium, Germany and Russia. With more than 25 years of experience within the universe of orthomolecular therapies, in 2000, Dr. Mühlberger brought to Argentina the non-surgical thread lift lifting technic. Soon after that, he developed the 3D lifting, and, in 2005, the concept of “Naturist Aesthetic”. In 2010, he was knowledge as the specialist in anti-aging, and in 2011 he perfected his knowledge in genomic studies, establishing himself within the best specialist in the world.

El Dr. RM learned penile lengthening and thickening technics from Dr. Fournier in Paris, France.


Visit the Klinik Mühlberger website

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